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Reptile supplies online at 888 Reptiles. 
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eptiles is one of the largest online Reptile shops in the UK. We are stockists of all major reptile brands including Exo Terra, Komodo, T-Rex, Zoo Med, Microclimate, Habistat and Vivexotic. We stock a vast range of reptile products including wooden vivariums, reptile thermostats, thermometers, caves, plants, hides, vines, bowls, UVA/UVB lighting, glass terrariums, aspen bedding and many more. 

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Aspen Bedding Substrate Reptile Bedding

Aspen Bedding Substrate Reptile Bedding£2.94  -  £29.94  (3)

888 Reptiles Aspen Bedding is ideal choise for a wide range of reptiles and is very soft and absorbant.
Encourages natural burrowing activity.
Our corns and king snakes love it.

Frozen Mice Large

Frozen Mice Large£10.34  -  £115.43  (4)

Here at 888 REPTILES we stock a whole range of frozen Mice, Rats, Chicks and Rabbits all of which are clean, graded and of the highest quality.

Hoppers (Locusts) 5th Extra Large Size 36-42mm (Bulk)

Hoppers (Locusts) 5th Extra Large Size 36-42mm (Bulk)£2.96  -  £38.76  (1)

Locusts (Schistocerca gregaria) are an excellent live food for many different kinds of Reptiles and Amphibians.


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Live Food Freshly Packed From Only 1.23 Per Tub


Mix & Match Livefood 3 Tubs for 3.70


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New Products
AVS Bearded Dragon Book

AVS Bearded Dragon Book£12.94

The bearded dragons of Australia are some of the most exciting lizards in the pet trade and are taking the country by storm. This updated, revised, and more comprehensive version of The General

AVS The Art Of Keeping Snakes

AVS The Art Of Keeping Snakes£19.99

AVS The Art Of Keeping Snakes

Komodo Azalea Leaf Mat Reptile Decoration

Komodo Azalea Leaf Mat Reptile Decoration£4.35

Plant mats provide a versatile addition to any aquatic set-up as they can be cut to the size and shape required to help create a perfect aquascape.

Natural look Easy to clean

Komodo Bearded Dragon Mix 80g

Komodo Bearded Dragon Mix 80g£3.29

To help in the all-round health of a Bearded Dragon

Komodos specially selected mix of Dandelion Leaf, Marigold Flowers and Rose Petals has been developed to help in supporting the all-round health of a Bearded Dragon.

Komodo Boxwood (Assorted Colours) Reptile Decoration

Komodo Boxwood (Assorted Colours) Reptile Decoration£9.99

Komodo standing plants are an attractive addition to any herptile set-up and help enhance the habitat environment.

Approximate height 28cm/11".

Komodo Chamomile Flower 60g

Komodo Chamomile Flower 60g£3.29

To help reduce stress and treat infections

Komodos Chamomile Flower is a complementary food to aid in the all round health of a reptile specifically in helping to reduce stress and treat bacterial infections.