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Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit

Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit
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Brand:  Exo Terra

Also included is the Exo Terra Sand Matt which has a natural desert appearance creating a hygienic and natural environment. The Sand Mat can be easily removed and rinsed off keeping it free from a bacterial build up which could affect your reptile’s health.

The main problem which this sand mat solves is substrate ingestion, this can be fatal. Many reptiles such Leopard Geckos should not be on a loose substrate because there is a risk they may ingest it, to avoid ingestion the Exo Terra’s Sand Mat is a simple, natural and a hygienic way to solve the problem.

The Exo Terra Terrarium has many features such as the perfectly designed mesh screen top allowing UVB penetration whilst allowing excellent ventilation. The screen is removable allowing easy access for maintenance and cleaning. The back of the screen also has 5 fully closable wire inlets to allow effortless access for Other Exo Terra equipment.

Other features include high set lockable doors for extra room for deep substrate and also allows room for products such as Exo Terra's Reptile Dens. The Exo Terra’s double doors open independently and allow easy access and also have a raised bottom base to allow room for Exo Terra's Heat mats

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