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Microclimate Evo Pro

Microclimate Evo Pro
Our Price:  £129.99(Inc. 20% VAT)Earn 129 Loyalty Points

Brand:  Microclimate

The Microclimate EVO Pro is a revolutionary new thermostat which, along with all of the previous EVO’s amazing features now comes complete with a hygrostat and one of the most accurate and robust humidity sensors available today. The sensor has been used and tested by the military at sea so will easily stand the test of time inside your herptiles enclosure. The humidity sensor has been combined with the temperature sensor into a single probe making installation straight forward.

As before, the EVO Pro comes with two sockets, one for a heating device and the second socket can be used with either a fogger or a rain system. As with the original EVO you can:
Set Alarms
Set day and night periods
View a data log of all the temperatures and humidity levels displayed in an easy to read graph
Change the main thermostat from an on/off to a dimmer or a pulse whatever you need
Lock the unit to stop tiny fingers changing your settings
It also features 8 programmable time zones allowing you to give highs and lows of both temperature and humidity throughout the day

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