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Tfh The Guide to Owning a (Snake) Ball Python

Tfh The Guide to Owning a (Snake) Ball Python
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Many hobbyists consider the Ball Python (someties known as the Royal Python) to be the perfect snake - with the mystique of a giant snake yet of an easily manageable size. Captive-bred Ball Pythons are easy to house, easy to feed, and exceptionally hardy.

However, Ball Pythons are not just cut-down versions of Burmese or other giant pythons. They have their own special needs and requirements for a long, successful life, and The Guide to Owning a Ball Python is just the book to let the reader in on the techniques necessary to care for these gorgeous snakes. Fully illustrated in brilliant colour, this book is for any Ball Python owner - or hobbyist thinking about buying one.

Includes information on selection, foods, medical problems and breeding

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