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Arcadia D3 7% Compact Lamp 23 watt

Arcadia D3 7% Compact Lamp 23 watt
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Brand:  Arcadia

The Benefits of 20W and 23W compact lamps
These clever little lamps use a high quality internal electronic ballast which not only means that no external control gear is required but these lamps are also flicker free as standard, much better for sensitive tetrachromats. Arcadia reptile are proud to include into our range a 2% UVB natural sunlight lamp FSUC20X which is ideal for crepuscular animals in shorter enclosures and it has a very high CRI (colour rendering index) which means that it can be used in conjunction with another higher power UVB lamp to improve the look of the enclosure. We also have a D3 7%UVB 23watt FD3C23X compact which is ideal for arboreal reptiles that can self regulate through the height of the enclosure and now a D3+ 10% UVB lamp FD3PC23X that complements our core T8 and High output T5 range.
These lamps can be used as a sole source of light and UV in smaller enclosures and alongside linear fluorescents to generate a boosting zone in larger vivaria. With a light output many times the wattage used you are guaranteed a nice bright, well coloured enclosure with the inclusion of essential UVA and UVB for a whole year.

Reptile Compact Lamp is suitable for:
Day Geckos
Water Dragons

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