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Microclimate 600W B2 Pulse Thermostat

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Microclimate 600W B2 Pulse Thermostat
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Brand:  Microclimate

Proportional thermostats work by varying the power output of the heat source depending on how close the measured temperature is to the desired level. This gives much closer control over the temperature than simple on / off control. A pulse proportional thermostat turns thr heat source on for short pulses, the longer the pulses the more heat is produced, this is not suitable for light emitting sources as the constant flashing would be very annoying to both animals and owner. A dimming thermostat is particularly suited to controlling a light emmiting heat source but can also be used to control any mix of heat source
Pulse proportional thermostat
Controls up 600 watts of any non light emitting heat source

Temperature control range 19 - 35 C

Size 100 x 78 x 41mm with 1.5m cables and fitted plug, socket, and sensor.

The B1ME and B2ME magic eye thermostats work just like B1 and B2 proportional thermostats but have an extra feature which can reduce the controlled temperature at night automatically. They do this by sensing the ambient light level and reducing the controlled temperature by a set amount when darkness is detected. The point at which the thermostat thinks it is dark can also be set.

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