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Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop

Exo Terra Metal Poop Scoop£6.29

The Exo Terra Scoop is an indispensable tool for spot cleaning terrarium sand substrates in your terrarium

Komodo Claw Clippers

Komodo Claw Clippers£3.99

Help keep a reptiles claws trim to reduce scratches and damage to both the reptile and handler.

Komodo Reptile Spray Bottle

Komodo Reptile Spray Bottle£1.99  -  £7.24

A must have for anyone with Reptiles or any animal that require humidity or benefit from being misted on a regular basis.

Komodo Sand Scoop

Komodo Sand Scoop£3.25   £2.94

Regular cage maintenance is a vital aspect of keeping any reptile, amphibian or invertebrate and the Komodo Sand Scoop makes spot cleaning easy

Lucky Reptile Heat Pack

Lucky Reptile Heat Pack£1.14

The heat packs will start to warm when they get contact with oxygen. This makes them an excellent heat source during the transport of reptiles and other animals.
The special design of the Lucky Reptile Heat Packs ensure a long warming period and steady temperatures.

Lucky Reptile Plastic Pipettes 3 Pack

Lucky Reptile Plastic Pipettes 3 Pack£3.94

The spotted salamander is a very attractive species with a black body with yellow/red spots. They originate from Central and Eastern areas of America. They can reach an adult size of approx 15 - 25cm with the males being larger. Keep a pair or equal size together or 1 male with several females.They require a diet of earthworms, slugs, maggots, caterpillars, insects, spiders and pillbugs.
Provide an aquatic terrarium with 1/3 water at a depth of 3-4 inches.
Temperature of 63 - 70F

Lucky Reptile Pocket Hook 18 - 70cm

Lucky Reptile Pocket Hook 18 - 70cm£9.94

Collapsible Hooks can be adjusted to the desired length and therefore offer the best possible flexibility.

Lucky Reptile Probe Set 5 Probes

Lucky Reptile Probe Set 5 Probes£7.94

5 double-ended probes. These probes are used for sexing reptiles and especially snakes.

Lucky Reptile Professional Probe Set 6 Pack

Lucky Reptile Professional Probe Set 6 Pack£22.94

6 double-ended probes

Lucky Reptile Sand Scoop

Lucky Reptile Sand Scoop£3.94

A reasonably priced sand sifter made of sturdy plastic with the ideal mesh size to quickly screen terrarium sand, fine gravel and terrarium soil.

Lucky Reptile Snake Pin Hook

Lucky Reptile Snake Pin Hook£13.94  -  £19.94

With the snake pin hook snakes can be pinned down behind the head, so that they cannot bite and can safely grabbed with the hands afterwards

Lucky Reptile Sprayer

Lucky Reptile Sprayer£7.99  -  £19.99

Pump up sprayer & Maxi sprayer.

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Page 1 of 2:    22 Items