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Branches & Vines

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Exo Terra Forest Branch

Exo Terra Forest Branch£3.94  -  £9.94

These natural branches resemble aged hardwood branches as seen in tropical forest and deserts alike and are easy to integrate in any natural terrarium set-up. The different sizes and shapes of the branches provide proper exercise for many reptile species.

Exo Terra Jungle Vines

Exo Terra Jungle Vines£5.69  -  £10.49

Exo Terra Jungle Vines can be used for decorative purposes or for enlargement of the dwelling area.

Komodo Climbing Vine

Komodo Climbing Vine£2.24  -  £42.94

Benable climbing vine per meter, good for climbing reptiles.

Cork Branch

Cork Branch£6.34  -  £9.72

•Approx 50cm in length
•Great natural decoration for your vivarium
•Excellent for providing climbing areas

Bamboo Vine 1 Meter

Bamboo Vine 1 Meter£13.94

This bamboo vine is ideal for arboreal animals, or for adding another dimension to your vivarium

Cork Bark Flat

Cork Bark Flat£8.49

•Excellent light vivarium decoration
•Can be cut to any size makes great hiding areas
•Price is per kilo

Cork Tubes Per kilo

Cork Tubes Per kilo£22.99   £11.86

Cork tubes are great natural decoration for your reptile
Create climbing areas and natural looking hides.
Price is per kilo

Jungle Gym Bamboo Root

Jungle Gym Bamboo Root£13.24  -  £23.94

• Add interest to your terrarium.
• Create excelent hiding places.
• Allows for climbing.
Shapes and sizes differ to picture.

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine£6.49  -  £17.99

Komodo's Latex Tropical Vines are made from safe and flexible latex for reptiles to climb and explore. Easy to shape for a realistic & natural reptile habitat, they have an artificial coating to help prevent reptile injury. Hygienic, easy to clean & low maintenance, they are a natural looking addition to any terrarium and ideal for arboreal species.

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine Branch

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine Branch£7.99  -  £9.99

The Komodo Latex Tropical Vine Branch is a safe, flexible latex branch for reptiles to climb and explore. Easy to shape they add a natural feel to any terrarium and have an artificial coating to help prevent reptile injury. Hygienic, easy to clean and low maintenance they also provide access to basking and feeding sites and are ideal for arboreal species

Lucky Reptile Amazon Liana

Lucky Reptile Amazon Liana£12.99  -  £15.99

Amazon lianas can reach lengths of several meters and reach up 10 cm in diameter. They are light and have several hollows which are excellent water containers or planters. Amazon Lianas are excellent for tropical terrariums with lizards, snakes and amphibians and provide the animals with hiding and climbing places.
80 - 120cm Length

Lucky Reptile Asian Liana

Lucky Reptile Asian Liana£7.99  -  £9.99

The Asia Lianas are relatively thin, round lianas which are nicely twisted like a corkscrew. They are about 100 cm long and perfect stylistic elements in tropical setups, offering the animals plenty of natural climbing space.

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Page 1 of 3:    27 Items