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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log£33.17   £29.99

The new natural looking Floating Turtle Log provides security, comfort, and stress reduction for aquatic turtles, newts, frogs, mudskippers, and tropical fish. The hallow resin log floats just at the surface so that turtles can bask on top of it or hide submerged inside. Bottom-weighted prevents the log from rolling over, even with two 4" (10cm) turtles on top.

Lucky Reptile Terra Cliff

Lucky Reptile Terra Cliff£1.79  -  £24.99

Lucky Reptile Terra Cliff is an artificial terrarium rock system.

Lucky Reptile Terrarium Root Bleached

Lucky Reptile Terrarium Root Bleached£19.29  -  £24.94

These attractive roots are perfect as climbing and hiding spot for all types of terrariums. They are bleached and have an almost whithish colour.

Komodo Basking Ramp

Komodo Basking Ramp£20.99   £17.94

the importance of a dedicated hiding area for many species should never be underestimated; it can be key to maintaining a healthy, calm reptile.

Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops

Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops£14.94  -  £19.94

Elevated lookout & basking area
Decreases distance to heat and UV bulbs
Enlarged 3-D dwelling surface
Easy to remove and clean
Includes mounting clip

Jungle Gym Bamboo Root

Jungle Gym Bamboo Root£13.24  -  £23.94

Add interest to your terrarium.
Create excelent hiding places.
Allows for climbing.
Shapes and sizes differ to picture.

Lucky Reptile Amazon Liana

Lucky Reptile Amazon Liana£12.99  -  £15.99

Amazon lianas can reach lengths of several meters and reach up 10 cm in diameter. They are light and have several hollows which are excellent water containers or planters. Amazon Lianas are excellent for tropical terrariums with lizards, snakes and amphibians and provide the animals with hiding and climbing places.
80 - 120cm Length

Lucky Reptile Premium Grapevine

Lucky Reptile Premium Grapevine£12.99  -  £19.99

Premium Grapevine is sand basted and has a darker colouration. Normally the trunk is thick and has several branches which makes it excellent for arbicol reptiles.
Compared to the normal grapevine it is heavier and the branches are thicker.

Lucky Reptile Savannah Bush Approx 70cm

Lucky Reptile Savannah Bush Approx 70cm£14.99   £12.99

he Savannah Bush consists of several thin branches and is a great stylistic element for desert type terrariums. They also offer a lot of climbing space to the animals.

Reptiles Java Branch

Reptiles Java Branch£12.94  -  £27.94

Excellent decoration for any vivarium, helps create climbing and hiding areas.

Lucky Reptile Terrarium Root Natural

Lucky Reptile Terrarium Root Natural£12.86  -  £18.58

Contrary to the bleached the Lucky Reptile Terrarium Roots these roots have their natural colour. They are made of the same wood and consist of one piece.

Komodo Corner Basking Ramp / Hide

Komodo Corner Basking Ramp / Hide£11.94  -  £24.95

The importance of a dedicated hiding area for many species should never be underestimated, it can be key to maintaining a healthy, calm, reptile.

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Page 1 of 4:    46 Items