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Pinkie Pump

Pinkie Pump£31.94

Stainless steel pinkie pump, use to liquify pinkies to help with force feeding of hatchling snakes

Exo Terra Vivicator Vibrating feeding dish

Exo Terra Vivicator Vibrating feeding dish£26.99   £23.94

No more live insects
Remote Controlled
Simulates insect movement
Triggers feeding behaviour
Ideal for canned insects
Battery operated

Live Food Bundle

Live Food Bundle£16.94

Everything you need to look after your live food
1 x Tub of standard crickets
1 x 240g Beaphar cricket feed
1 x 240g Beaphar cricket water
1 x Lucky Reptile small Kricket Keeper

Lucky Reptile Forceps

Lucky Reptile Forceps£11.21  -  £15.00

They are made of high quality stainless steel.

Exo Terra Cup Holder

Exo Terra Cup Holder£9.99

For use with all Exo Terra Cup Diets,

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder£8.99

Zoo Med's Floating Turtle Feeder makes feeding time Fun!

Exo Terra Cricket Pen

Exo Terra Cricket Pen£1.99  -  £16.94

The Exo Terra Cricket Pen is ideal for housing, keeping and dispensing live crickets.

Zoo Med Stainless Steel Tongs 10 inch

Zoo Med Stainless Steel Tongs 10 inch£7.11

Ideal for feeding reptiles, birds, small animals, or aquarium fish (i.e. Hand feeding marine triggerfish, marine invertebrates, large cichlids, aquatic turtles, baby birds, etc.). More hygienic than using your fingers.

Komodo Jelly Pot Rock Den

Komodo Jelly Pot Rock Den£6.94  -  £10.94

Komodo's Jelly Pot Rock Den is ideal to use with Komodo Jelly Pots and is made using High Density Resin. The Den provides a 2 in 1 Hide and Jelly pot feeder which helps create a Natural Habitat. The den is Hygienic, easy to clean & low maintenance and is a perfect nesting site for various species of snakes and lizards

Exo Terra Tongs

Exo Terra Tongs£5.99

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Exo Terra Tongs are an excellent tool for feeding live insects to reptiles and amphibians

Komodo Habitat Rock Bowl

Komodo Habitat Rock Bowl£4.94  -  £10.94

Natural looking food and/or water dish for terrariums with steps to help reptiles get in and out with a textured bark design. Made from high density resin, the Habitat Bark Bowl helps create a natural-looking reptile or amphibian habitat. Hygienic, easy to clean & low maintenance.

Pro Rep Bug Balls 500g

Pro Rep Bug Balls 500g£4.49

Bug Balls are the ideal way to provide water to feeder insects without the risk of them drowning

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items