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Arachnid set ups

Complete set ups for Arachnids such as Chilie Rose Tartantula, Mexican Red Knee Tartantula, Cobal Blue Tarnatulas.

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Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit Terrarium

Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit Terrarium£99.94  -  £169.94


The ingenious Exo Terra Natural Terrarium with the researched bamboo ornament and background will provide the ideal micro habitat for the relevant reptiles and amphibians. This kit will allow you the successful keeping of many species.

Exo Terra Habisphere

Exo Terra Habisphere£129.99   £94.94

Stylish & compact design
Unique bent front window for optimal viewing
Integrates in any home or office
Easy to install & maintain
Energy efficient Day & Night LED lighting

Exo Terra Tarantula/Scorpion Kit

Exo Terra Tarantula/Scorpion Kit£124.99

The Exo Terra Tarantula and Scorpion Starter Kit is the perfect kit with everything you need to successfully keep many species of Scorpion and Tarantulas and allows you to create the perfect environment to ensure they thrive

Komodo Basic Spider Kit

Komodo Basic Spider Kit£33.49   £29.94

All the essentials to set-up & keep pet spiders. Ideal for beginners, and great for children, just add your own decoration. Easy to set up, and easy to clean.

This kit includes terrarium, coconut husk substrate, dual heat/humidity guage, heat mat and kidney dish.

Komodo Spider/Scorpion Starter Kit

Komodo Spider/Scorpion Starter Kit£94.99

A great kit for anybody looking to keep spiders or scorpions for the first time - everything required for a successful set up is included:

Dual Guage
Heat Mat
Tropical Terrain Substrate
Kidney Dish
Comprehensive set-up guide
NOTE: Contents may vary and example image shows additional decor that can be purchased separately.

Spider/Scorpion Terrainium Kit

Spider/Scorpion Terrainium Kit£59.94  -  £75.94

This kit is ideal for keeping scorpions and smaller tarantulas.
It comes complete with:
1 x 18 inch top opening terrainium
1 x heat mat
1 x orchid bark
1 x hide
1 x water dish
decor will differ to picture shown

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items