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Fruit Flies & Fruit Beetles

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Bean Weevil Culture Tub

Bean Weevil Culture Tub£2.15

Bean Weevils are a small beetle that feeds on dried beans, as well as other dried peas and pulses.

Flightless Fruitfly Culture Tub

Flightless Fruitfly Culture Tub£2.44

Flightless fruitfly culture (Drosophila) is a great source of nutrition especially for small amphibians, Newts, Salamanders hatchling Chameleons and mantids.

Fruit Beetle Grubs Tub

Fruit Beetle Grubs Tub£2.94


Fruit beetle grubs (Pachnoda) are a succulent and juicy meal for many reptiles and birds.


Springtails£4.15   £3.99

Springtails commonly consume fungal hyphae and spores, but also have been found to consume plant material and pollen, animal remains, colloidal materials, minerals and bacteria


Page 1 of 1:    4 Items