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Leucistic Texas Rat Snake E.o.lindhiemeri Bug Eye CB13
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 Leucistic Texas Rat Snake <i>E.o.lindhiemeri</i> Bug Eye CB13

Originates from texas as babies can be quite snappy but calm down with age and gentle handling.

Adults can be kept in a 36 x15 x15 long vivarium (minimum size)
A daytime temperature of 74-79F with a hotspot of 84-86F should be achieved with a night time drop of 5F

The use of an infrared bulb in conjunction with a day / night thermostat should be used in conjunction with suitable thermometers at each end of the vivarium to enable reading of both hot and cool areas.
Hides should be provided at both ends of the enclosure to allow your snake to hide were it feels most comfortable.

Feeding Ratsnakes is very easy, and here at 888 Reptiles we always carry a full range of frozen mice and rats in all sizes.
The size of the food will depend on the size of the snake and all hatchlings should be fed on pinkies every 5 days.
As your snake grows this can be increased to two pinkies and when it is large enough you may move on to a fluff and so on.....

kingsnakes originate from a wide range and specimens have been found in the floridas,highlands,desoto and the okeechobee counties on both agricultural and open prairie land.


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E.o.lindhiemeri CB13
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E.o.lindhiemeri Bug Eye CB13
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